Lucia Remáčová

Lucia Remáčová

Lucia Remáčová
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I know it looks this way to others, but really I am reclaiming myself.the most true and authentic self, freed from the limitations of imposed expectations.

10 Steps to Reduce Stress #health #stress

Dig deep and challenge yourself to view 2 positive angles to every stress that is on your mind. Soon you will have more reason to be grateful than stressed! Keep calm & reduce stress

Mantra Music: Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur - YouTube

Ong Namo -I bow to the subtle divine wisdom Guru Dev Namo - I bow to the divine teacher within.

mantras, una caricia para el alma - YouTube

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana yoga pose) strengthens the heart and respiratory system, reduces constipation and increases strength and flexibility of the body.