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Detva, Slovakia Photography, Music, Traditional Culture, Slovakia, Kimono Top, Women's Top
Detva, Slovakia
a man and woman dressed in costumes standing next to a baby on a sleigh
Výroba krojov a krojových doplnkov |
a drawing of a white blouse with embroidered details
Súčiastky tradičného odevu - ÚĽUV - Ústredie ľudovej umeleckej výroby
Vintage Sewing, Bodice, Sewing Projects, Sewing, History Fashion, Bratislava, Genealogy, Two By Two
Férový odchyt domén pre všetkých |
Flowers, Songs, Flower Headband
Výroba krojov a krojových doplnkov |
Harajuku, Floral, Boho Chic, Czech Republic, Floral Skirt
Výroba krojov a krojových doplnkov |
a man with long braids and a hat on his head wearing a brown vest
Týždeň kroja 2014 na 1. ZŠ Hriňová - časť 2. - Anton TREBUĽA - Kečkár – Anton TREBUĽA - Kečkár – album na Rajčeti
a black skirt with flowers and beads on the bottom is laying on a white surface
Vyšívanie krivou ihlou od A-Z a z Detvy do celého sveta 1. časť
two blouses are hanging on a hanger in front of a door, one is white and the other is red
Blúzky, oplecká | PARTA Slovenské ľudové umenie
three people dressed in folk costumes dancing on the grass with trees and hills in the background
11 Best Unusual Gifts from Slovakia: Which One Would You Get?
a man and woman dressed in traditional mexican dance attire, dancing with their arms around each other
four people are jumping in the air with sticks
Denser than dreams