The rule for hooded eyes stands that you should use only mat colors, and shouldn't use shimmery colors, but of course this is a rule that you can absolutely break if you know what you are doing.

Purple eyeliner is a must-have these days for every lady who considers herself to be even a little bit of a fashionista. See trendy makeup looks!

Make-up; eye shadow colours for brown eyes, hazel eyes, amber eyes, aqua eyes, green eyes and blue eyes

Need some ideas for ‪‎summer‬ ‪eye makeup‬ designs that wow? Thanks to Citizens of Beauty for these amazing designs. They're in her new book, 500 Eye-Makeup Designs.

Description Gold 001 is a limited release of only 1000 units A multidimensional, microfine pigment that knows no limits. A combination of limited production and

Mojo Spa located in the heart of the trendy Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago is not just a company, but a family and our store isn't just a location but truly an experience.

We covered the 35 Amazingly beautiful Rose glitter eye makeup for blue eyes so you don't have to worry about it.