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In a sea of styling aids, these 20 products are tops for helping your curly hair look its best -- whether you wear it natural or straight.

Homemade Hair Products for Curly Hair. Let us help you to save money on hair products for curly hair. We have put together some homemade hair masks for curly hair.

Crunchy Cauliflower Bites - yummy!

Crunchy Cauliflower Bites - totally delicious & healthy snacks that are great for the lunchbox, party food, after school snack or as a side for dinner! My kids call this Cauliflower Popcorn.

Easy Homemade Bounty Half cup condensed milk, one and half cups coconut mixed together. Freeze. Coat with melted chocolate.

Easy Homemade Bounty aka Mounds 15 oz milk cooking chocolate 3 cups shredded coconut 1 cup sweetened condensed milk Directions In a medium bowl, mix coconut and sweetened condensed milk to make a thick and sticky paste.

This tiger lost her cubs and became depressed. The zoo covered orphaned pigs in tiger cloth and the tiger started to care for them like her own.

awwwww A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labor. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, so they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the mother tiger. She now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies.