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a man with blonde hair standing in the middle of a dirt road and looking off into the distance
Zac Efron Gets Real on Sober Living and Learning to Be Himself
Little dose of Efron: Photo
zac efron | Tumblr
a man sitting on a chair with his hand in the air and smiling at something
X. It’s what’s happening
a man sitting on the floor in front of a window with his legs crossed and one foot up
a man sitting on the floor with his feet crossed
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Zac Efron Photoshoot Pictures and Photos
Zac Efron Style, Beard Styles For Men
_lyricalsmile_ on Twitter
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a man with a beard wearing a beanie looks into the distance while standing in an open field
Feeling all the birthday love. So grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Thank you! Love you all! 🙏