Ľudmila Chmulíková

Ľudmila Chmulíková

Ľudmila Chmulíková
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Stavropol Krai (North Caucasus), Russia

Park Zheleznovodsk, Stavropol, North Caucasus, Russia / saw Dr Schivako (?)as a child, have always wanted to see Russia in the winter

Cutest Couple Costume: Colonel Sanders and his Favorite Chicken

My boyfriend Andy and I wanted to think of a funny couple's costume that wasn't overdone. I saw a picture online of two little kids dressed as Colonel.

Crescent Roll carrots filled w. Chicken salad for Easter lunch...so cute!!

Crescent Roll carrots filled w. egg salad for Easter lunch. Wrap crescent rolls around cream horn mold, paint with egg yolk, water and orange coloring mix, bake per pkg directions. Let cool and fill with salad. Insert lettuce leaf for carrot top.

Flowering trees in the Spring ~

Flowering trees in the Spring ~ Mom's Almond tree in the backyard looked like this in bloom in white.very beautiful.My brother has a Japanese Maple in his side yard that turns pink.