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an apple shaped applique is shown on a black surface with red and white thread
two decorative wall hangings made out of metal wire and fabric with flowers on them
Mezinárodní výstava krajek Vamberk 2019... – janafo31 – album na Rajčeti
a purple flower with green stems is shown on a piece of white paper and has an intricate
an embroidered design with leaves and swirls on a white surface
an image of a piece of art that is made out of knitted material and yarn
Loop/ Schal in Torchon-Technik - Klöppeln -Brief und Buch-
an embroidered piece of cloth with flowers on it
a heart shaped doily on a red background
an image of a brochure with flowers on it's back cover and the words kanka written in gold
a book with an image of flowers on it
Ошибка 429
the instructions for making an ornament in crochet are displayed on a page
Alle Klöppelbriefe
an embroidered piece with gold thread and flowers on white paper, ready to be sewn onto