Represents Happiness & Lightheartedness. We all could use a little PINK in our day. Here's a look thru my Rose colored glasses
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two pictures of grapes hanging from a tree in the snow and one has pink grapes in japan
an old pink car parked in front of some boats
a pink building with many windows and balconies on the top floor in india
jaipur: india’s pink city | Well-Traveled Wife
pink palace // jaipur, india
a bunch of pink tennis balls sitting on top of a racket in a bowl
three people riding in the back of a pink jeep with palm trees and water in the background
the cover of christian dior's book, with pink ink on white paper
the interior of a fancy restaurant with pink and white booths, flowers on the wall
Afternoon Tea Bus Tour in New York City
Hop aboard the prettiest bus in New York City for a fantastic afternoon tea!
a pink pick up truck parked on the street
a woman in white boots standing next to a pink car with a large teddy bear on it