Viac nápadov od lukas

17.IX - to commemorate this sad period in history, in my own way, peace! below you can find work process, full of improvisation like always, no ref, cheers! :)

entourage - trees …

Laughing too hard at this!

By Franklin Booth pen and ink drawing |

Faber Poetry Firsts: Sylvia Plath's 'Ariel' (cover) | One of the collection of special Poetry Firsts editions first published in 2010. Illustration: Sarah Young.

Faber 80th Poetry Series, Sylvia Plath. Designer: Miriam Rosenbloom, Illustrator: Peter Lawrence, Publisher: Faber & Faber, Typeface: Gill Facia

Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design, LOVE this!!! This is exactly the look I want for my book!