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a drawing of a hot air balloon
a metal wall sculpture with musical notes on it's sides and a treble in the middle
Staff With Notes, Music Notes, Wooden Notes, Music Wood Sign, Carving Wall Music - Etsy
the mustaches are black and white in color
19. Electric bass guitar sound holes (semi-hollow body)
a wooden horse head on top of a violin
Selli Ham - I want this violin!!😱🎻🐎
a drawing of some kind of musical instrument that is in the process of being built
David Gusset Violins is coming soon
a close up of a violin's back end with the strings still attached to it
violin making – Finely Strung
three different types of fire hydrants are shown in the diagram above, and below
Il Cannone - Alberto Giordano | Violini, viole e violoncelli
a set of black and white swirls in the shape of letters on a white background
F-hole templates
two butterflies sitting on top of green leaves
Flowers Gardens and Asia.
an assortment of brass musical instruments sitting on top of a black table with a red case
Unusual Instruments
a wooden flute laying in the grass
Ako vyrobiť drevenú pastiersku píšťalku - flautu