The Lord of the Rings

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Nazgûl, Gabriel Gómez Almenzar
Nazgûl, Gabriel Gómez Almenzar
a pencil drawing of a mask with spikes on it
Stan Winston School of Character Arts
a black and white iphone case with an abstract painting on the back cover, featuring a man's face
Witch-king by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu on DeviantArt
the lord of the rings movie poster with an image of a dragon flying over a city
Imladris Films on Twitter
the text is written in two different languages, and it appears to be an old english language
a black and green painting of a person in the dark with their hands on his head
Amazing LORD OF THE RINGS Poster Art! — GeekTyrant
some people are in the dark with green lights
Amazing LORD OF THE RINGS Poster Art! — GeekTyrant
two glowing pumpkins in the dark with faces drawn on them
a black and white photo of a demonic mask with horns on it's head
the lord's ring is shown in front of a dark background with writing on it
Wagnerians Readers Choice Awards: One Ring To Rule Them All