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a hand holding a rock with an anchor painted on it's side, in front of a dark background
the bees are painted on rocks and placed in front of a yellow box with white flowers
Como fazer joaninhas com artesanato
Pintura de Joaninha em pedra usando caneta
a stone ornament with the word u on it hanging from a cord in front of a cardboard box
a rock with a flower carved on it sitting on a tablecloth covered surface,
a rock with a foot print on it sitting on a wooden table next to a black cord
Sally Dworsky - If I Laugh (Child/Baby Loss/Bereavement)
a stone with a paw print is shown on a wooden surface and has a cord attached to it
50 Best Engraved River Rock Ideas and Gift Inspirations
Engraved Wolf Paw necklace
a painted rock with an anchor and rope on it
Anchor Aweigh by Jo Heywood