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the words la fe are written in black ink on a pink background with green leaves
Motivación ✨💖
a drawing of a woman holding a star in her hand with the words congratulations written on it
Los Angeles, Lily, Camino
some pink and white flowers on a pink background with the words, myne rva
Myne Rva
three colorful dragonflies flying next to each other on a white background with the words la fe no
#Sigue adelante 💫💫💫
two white crayons sitting on top of a blackboard with a heart drawn on it
an image of a blue dragonfly with the caption's in spanish and english
a watercolor drawing of a dragonfly with the words, descubre para ques
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair, holding a bouquet of roses
two people sitting on the ground with coffee in their hands and one person holding another
the words are written in spanish on a white background with watercolor paint splashs
#despertandoconsciencia #frasesparacompartir
#poesiasdelalma #escribir#amantedefrases8 Motivation, Msm