The Illustrated Alphabet Of Harry Potter Characters

The Illustrated Alphabet Of Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter..I cried when Dobby died, in the book and the film!!

Dobby The Free Elf What a beautiful place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend.

Some of the characters of Harry Potter and what character archetype they represented-- Jo really included everything!

While I don't agree with this, it's an interesting view of some classic character archetypes. NEVILLE IS THE HERO!

harry potter

I Waste So Much Time

evolution of WB logo for harry potter Funny How I spotted this right away and everyone thought I was mad. Also, the sky's get darker at every movie

harry potter iphone wallpaper

Walked into Once Upon A Child,saw the most awesome HP doll/action figure with a wand and everything! I literally begged my dad to come back for it.