With a mint green instead of pink ❤️

This is an amazing Headboard! I love it an yes that is very important to have a headboard you love in the Master Bedroom~ CircleofWealth good Feng Shui.

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Philadelphia Magazine’s Design Home 2016

Love this room - especially the light and bed frame/ headboard cozy neutral grey bedroom with orange light - Philadelphia Magazines Design Home 2016

Bed is chanting my name tonight. Chet is cutting all four back molars and that results in a very tired household. Plus we had to say goodbye to daddy this morning and drive him to the airport at crazy-o-clock Also congratulations to Eve and the

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Details of European style homes. The Best of interior decor in - Home Decor Inspired by Color - Home Decor Inspired by Color

Ah, sparkly. Using sequins in your wall art is one simple and sophisticated way to incorporate shine into your life. Plus, it could make for a simple and fun DIY project. (via Jen Fong)

17 Grown-Up Ways to Decorate With Sequins

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Makeup Storage and Organization + Best Acrylic Palette Holder

Ever bought a beauty product, just because it came in a stunning packaging, thinking “hmm. this will look so pretty sitting on my vanity! Sigh… me too. I’ve loved beauty products ever since I spent my very first paycheck, (in its entirety,…