as i walked the forest seemed to grow before me, twisting, conjoining. As i looked up, suddenly the trees before me seemed to appear as arches . a gateway?

Ayja by Dallas-Williams (Pyromancer)

harry potter girls // name meanings insp (x)

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Fire is agreed to be the simplest element to understand, therefore most magic lessons start with fire. The simplest way to start with fire is to think of how it starts: Fuel, heat, spark.

Allow the subtle things to be glorious. Flip fear into courage. Sweetly anticipate nothing in particular. Be rocked and riveted by the ordinary.

Ice queen

Snegurochka Снегурочка (Russian snowmaiden) photo by Viona Ielegems, model Zely Mannequin-Model

Archer with flaming bow and arrow :)

Unknown Canceled WWZ Project Concept by atomhawk on deviantART

Farewell by wlop on deviantART

No idea what this is but I kind of like it. He looks like a ninja mummy combo. - drawn by unknown artist. Reminds me of Kairi and Riku.


Eru Iluvatar by Elveo on DeviantArt -- Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Elveo

Into Ashes by Lauri Laukkanen

"Into Ashes" by Lauri Laukkanen Photography (Thx Agnes)


Calliope's dark eyes became a clear blue, and her once black hair turned to a snow white. Suddenly, she can control frost. Like her ice-breathing dragon.


Biography: Larry Rostant is a British photographer. He is best known for his work in the publishing industry, but has a growing reputation.

calling on a storm

to read Pale Demon (Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison

this is like some Jack Frost type of shit


David Motta, Vision/seeing the future, photographer:Sayaka Maruyama.