- Moon, Sun and Stars at the same time! - Wisconsin by Phil Koch " When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place.

The Long Room in the Trinity Library--Dublin, Ireland. Also known as heaven.

Trinity College Library (the 'Long Room'), Dublin. There has been a library at the College ever since it was founded (in but the Long Room was not begun until Completed in it is the largest library in Ireland, containing books.

Denali National Park, Alaska

"Sunset over Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska" by Ron Niebrugge

Amazon Primary Rainforest Lodge Ecuador

Sacha Lodge, Ecuador- Its like a real tree house


I crave the ocean. When I close my eyes and picture my ideal home, it is right beside the ocean. A giant deck looking out over the beach. Whenever I am near the ocean, I feel incredibly free and alive.

Moon & the sea

A perfect mirrored image at the Aiguilles De Chamonix Rhône Alpes France

Easter Island

Night Sky - Tongariki Moai at Night - Milky Way & Magallan Galaxies 2 Easter Island, by Wally Pacholka


Still wanna go back for the third time - Sipadan Water Village Resort, Mabul Island, Borneo.


Doesn't this building looks absolutely magical? It somehow makes me think of Aladdin~~ Dubai City Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Another Picture Of The Burj Al Arab Hotel on Jumeirah Beach; Located In Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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10 Years by MarkMetternich Celestial Low Light Milky way Night Nightscape Northwest Ocean Oceanic Oregon Pacific Pacific Coast

Floating Hotel - Peru

Luxurious Five-Star Floating Hotel

Kjerkfjord, Lofoten, Norway (by Johannes Ha)

musts: Lofoten needles II by Johannes Ha Lofoten, Norway

Maledives - look at that beach and sand!

Maldives - look at that beach and sand!

Underwater Bedroom..

Underwater Bedroom @ Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel-this would be an awesome place to sleep!