"Frozen Throne Room" by Ronan Mahon A very interesting environment, provokes a curiosity about the history of the statue/throne. The monochromatic palette works well to set the mood.

by Kindra Nikole

the star of Disney's 'BRAVE'. "Melancholy was around me like a shroud, my sorrow sewn to me with the black thread demons are said to use." -Alice Hoffman, The Dove Keepers

Katerina Petrova - katerina-petrova Photo

☽O☾ The Witch Within ☽O☾- pagan novel by Iva Kenaz - moods

Archers line up, notching arrows to bow strings. Sweat dripping down into their eyes as they focus on the approaching enemy army.

He joined the ranks of the archers, ready to defend this place that had become home to him. Until his last breath, nothing was going to get past him. No enemy soldier would be able to set foot behind the castle walls.