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two white and blue gift bags with the number fourteen printed on them, sitting next to each other
The Burgopak Hanging Bag Slider A unique gift card design incorporating a twisted paper or ribbon handle. Make the most of retail shelf space with dimensions to suit most displays, and deliver an iconic experience at point of sale or through direct mail with this ‘telescopic opening’ package format, revealing your gift card, bank card or ticket in a memorable unboxing with plenty of extra hidden space for branding.
a pink and white box with a red strip on the side next to an empty package
The Burgopak Direct Mail Slider Pack Step up your direct mailings with this innovative solution that reveals your communications with an impactful opening. Using a standard DL envelope size this pack makes for cost effective postage while still giving you that exciting unboxing experience. With our famous sliding mechanism, this pack's practical design functions even after being crushed making it suitable for a magazine insert or direct mail.
two white and blue boxes with numbers on the front, one in the middle and one in the back
The Burgopak card slider for business or plastic cards is our most compact and efficient slider pack in the range. Create an engaging marketing solution with this compact, business card sized design cards, booklets, invitations or even sim cards.
three different yellow folders with black and white images on them, one is folded in half
Brochure Design Services by Freelance Brochure Designers | Fiverr
a street sign with the word street on it in front of a crosswalk and trees
Branding Design for ‘sTREEt Campaign’ - Logo-Designer.co
the business card is open and ready to be used
Into the fold - Calverts
four different views of an origami envelope
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the business card is designed to look like an origami clock with red and grey triangles