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Tomáš Miklovič

Tomáš Miklovič
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Tenham todos uma ótima semana..... Bjss

JOJO POST MICRO WORLD: Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis Some look like dead leaves, some look like fresh leaves! Some look like sticks and some look like flowers! Some look like other insects! And we are talking about only one kind of insect!

Idolomantis diabolica - Devil’s Flower Mantis Absolutely looks like an alien from a sci-fi film!

Aliens on Earth: macro pictures of praying mantises and bugs by Igor Siwanowicz. Igor cites his main influence as the works of the designer of the monster from the Alien films, HR Giger. A giant devil's flower mantis

nice Wandering violin mantis in Sri Lanka. By Nuwan Chathuranga Via Project Noah on f...

This wandering violin mantis showed up at a hotel room in Sri Lanka. Lucky for us, Nuwan Chathuranga was nearby to photograph it. Here's our Project Noah Rangers' Spotting of the Week! Spotted by Nuwan Chathuranga: