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a person is holding up some cookies on a plate
Full Moon Brownie Cupcakes - Butternut Bakery
These brownie cupcakes are the perfect treat for halloween! Moist and fudgy dark chocolate cupcakes are topped with dark chocolate buttercream and homemade chocolate shortbread cookies, each decorated to display the phases of the moon. They're easy to make but look amazing! #halloweendesserts #halloween #cupcakes #browniecupcakes #butternutbakery | butternutbakeryblog.com
a person holding a cupcake with icing in the shape of a dog's face
hannah • cupcake & cake artist on Instagram: “Bichon, Maltese, Poodle, Bolognese, Lhasa Apso, Coton de Tulear, or Havanese Which breed does this pupcake most resemble?🐶 . I’ve…”
an assortment of halloween treats arranged on a white surface with candy and candies in the middle
Festive Halloween Charcuterie Board | Recipes & Holiday | Jennifer Maune
chocolate acorns are arranged on a white tablecloth with an orange ribbon around them
Chocolate Acorns
many decorated cookies are displayed on a table
decorated sugar cookies in the shape of skulls with roses and an empty bottle on top
Home | Sugar Vibes Bakery - Custom baked sugar cookie artistry | Arizona
a pink and black decorated cake with spider webs on the top, sitting on a metal stand
Spider Glam Cake - Baking with Blondie
a black and green cake with an apple on top
Poison Apple Cake | The Cake Blog
a hand holding up a pastry with whipped cream on top and other pastries in the background
Apple Pie Cupcakes - Sugar Apron
When you don’t feel like having an apple pie then these Apple Pie Cupcakes are just the best alternative that you can get.