German markets

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two white candles sitting on top of a table next to green plants and branches with leaves
German Christmas tree candle holder. Available at
a christmas display with gingerbreads, candies and other holiday treats on it
Miniature German Christmas Market Stall
some white icing stars are on a wooden table
Fig & Honey - Whole Food, Healthy Recipes, Baking & Coffee
German Christmas Cookies
many christmas ornaments are on display for sale
German Christmas Market
a collage of christmas images with snowflakes and buildings in the foreground
German christmas markets by Arminius1871 on DeviantArt
German christmas-markets by on @deviantART
a white table topped with lots of glass vases and other items next to a stone wall
Werkstatt Ansichtssache Kandern
German Christmas market
a painting of people walking in the snow near a village at night with a clock tower
German Christmas Card
there are many glass balls hanging from the ceiling
German Christmas Market stall
german christmas market
an assortment of fruits and vegetables are displayed in front of a building with snow on the roof
The Saturnalia Market Stall, 2005, close-up.
there are many blue and white items on display
a doll house with blue and white decor on the walls, including crocheted doily
there is a blue and white display in the room
several wooden toys hanging from strings in a store
A tour of the German Christmas markets!