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the interior of a building with statues and chandeliers
Priego de Cordoba Andalucian Baroque in a church in Priego
the inside of an old building with arches and windows on each side, looking up at the ceiling
between the desire and the spasm
Prague | Architecture
an ornate ceiling in the middle of a building
sugarlxsh: Honesty Hour! Ask me anything for a BR!
an ornately decorated room with gold and white decor
Fragen war die Hauptsache
**Amazing, I am assuming this is somewhere in Europe? Do you know?
the inside of a cathedral with columns and arches
Empty aisle, Downside Abbey, Somerset
Empty aisle, Downside Abbey, Somerset | Explore archidave's … | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an ornately decorated building with gold and white decorations
Perfektuniverse — feelikeadoll: This is amazing, anybody knows...
the inside of a building with an ornate ceiling and painting on it's walls
looking up at an ornate glass dome in the center of a building's roof
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