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a poster with children sitting at desks in front of a chalkboard
Výborný nápadník nejen pro třídnické hodiny
an advertisement for a children's book called volne ke stazenii
produkty VOLNĚ ke stažení
four different colored trains are shown on the same train track, each with its own color
a cartoon character is flying through the air
sorcières, graphisme 1 - école maternelle Gellow
Décorer les surfaces avec des signes graphiques simples: croix, traits, points, montagnes, flèches, spirales... Puis introduire les boucles. - décore la sorcière.docx - décore la sorcière.pdf
there are several pictures of chairs with writing on them
Skupinová práce ...
U nás na kopečku: Skupinová práce ...
there are pencils and numbers on the wall for each student to learn how to write
Ritmik saymalar pano örnekleri
Ritmik saymalar panosu
a bulletin board with spanish words and pictures attached to the wall in front of it
Třídní pravidla – ZŠ Ruská 2059 - fotogalerie – album na Rajčeti
six crayons lined up in different colors
Crayon--iphone wallpaper for the art teacher!
an image of a bulletin board with the words blmpsv7 on it
3. Základní škola Holešov - 4B
3. Základní škola Holešov - 4B
a cork board with writing on it and a teddy bear hanging from the wall next to it
Školní hrátky: Poznáváme svět zvířat aneb putování druhou třídou
a white sign with red handprints on it in front of a door that says mase pravilla
Třída U Mufa 3.A - třídní pravidla
a colorful bulletin board with magnets on it
Bulletin Board Hacks to Save Your Sanity
Ok. I love bulletin boards. I do. Ok. Maybe its more like a Love/Hate relationship.They brighten a room like nothing else can. My old room had HUGE bulletin boards. It allowed for so much creativity. I had a few that I kept the same all year, then I had a few that I would change …
a birthday calendar with pictures of children on it
Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}
Cute photo chart for classroom birthdays