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the logos for different sports teams are shown in various colors and sizes, including black, white
merit_identity.jpg by David M. Smith
the letter m in black on a white circle
many different logos are shown in black and white colors, including one for the company's logo
Tips for doing flat design right - The Creative Edge
Astronaut Design and Typography (Vyacheslav Kirilenko) – logo set
the word sushi is written in black and red
40 Awesome Logo Design for Your Inspiration - Downgraf.com
Company: Downgraf I like this design because it is very creative funny with the word play. I like the use of negative space because they kept it plain and simple. The font is easy to read and i caught my attention with the red dot. The design is not cluttered the message is easily received with one word.
the word clock is written in black on a white background with a circle around it
Word as Image
word as image
the logo for restaurant and bar, with fork and knife on black wood paneled wall
Studio Debie
For more info visit our blog: The Shop Factory Visual Merchandising & Interiorismo http://theshopfactory.wordpress.com
the business card is designed to look like it has been folded in two different sections
Graphic design inspiration | #785
Ontdek en ervaar het ideale gemak van OnzeChauffeur.nl. Tijdelijk een chauffeur gezocht omdat uw huidige chauffeur niet inzetbaar is? Maak dan gebruik van de chauffeursdiensten van OnzeChauffeur: http://www.onzechauffeur.nl/prive-chauffeur
the letter c is made up of black lines and dots on a white background,
Logo inspiration | #471
the logo for kitty cavalier's new album is shown in front of a woman's face
an assortment of black and white business cards with numbers on them, all in different designs
Joy Recibe: Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer in Jersey City
branding & identity / jr
the bar code for forestcode is printed on a piece of paper with black and white stripes
Forest Code
De link leggen tussen een streepjescode en een bos. En het dan op deze manier uitvoeren. Dat zijn de enigszins komische, sterke dingen die ik zelf graag zou maken
many different types of logos are shown in black and white, including one that has the letter
Logos & Marques 2010
Monogramas, logos e isotipos que funcionan bastante bien, en especial la 1era y 2da fila, contienen aspectos de transito. Logos & Marques 2010 by Socio Design , via Behance
the dandelion logo on a black background
Utilizzando un solo colore e rispettando un preciso spessore delle linee, è stato possibile creare questo marchio estremamente evocativo e pulito. Interessante l'effetto ottico dovuto all'avvicinarsi delle linee verso il centro dell'elemento grafico, integrato con una soluzione interessante al lettering.
some type of font and numbers that appear to be made out of different types of paper
Marks_ by Asen Petrov, via Behance