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Blackie by LDN-RDNT on DeviantArt

New piece I just finished named The Corruptor. I will be making molds for this and offering unpainted castings very soon. tall to the tip of it's horn. Sculpted in Monster Cay and Super Sculpey.

ArtStation - Smaug, André Castro

The dragon Smaug out of Lord of the Rings created in Zbrush. Zbrush is another program where I could build a dragon. However, I am not that skilled at using this particular kind of software. I am more experienced with Photoshop.

Amazing Rock Sculptures Perform Impossible Balancing Acts - My Modern Metropolis

^The art of sculptor Woods Davy is both inspired by nature and composed of natural elements. The artist, who lives and works in Venice, California, creates what he calls a sense of "Western Zen" with his gravity-defying rock sculptures. His Cantamar and G