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(Short storys written by me) I walked through the halls at school, I have one of my best fake smiles on today, but i feel like they know. That deep down their not meeting my eyes today because they know what I do when I get home and close the door to my bedroom, and I have no clue if I should be terrified, or glad someone has been finally hearing my calls, for help during the middle of the night.

Sad, yet very true. To all those who are in depression, have social problems such as anxiety or bipolar disorder, or are simply sad because of heartbreak, stay strong ✌️

That is me, I ignore pain and lie about how I feel. If I ever tell you how I truly feel, you're something special to me.

Ich bin okay - aber tief im Inneren - Es tut wirklich weh. / Habe Depressionen, so dass es manchmal weh tut / I'm Okay - But deep inside - It really hurts . / Have have depression, so it hurts sometimes