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When Thorne and Cress kissed...

When Cinder and Kai kissed. - The Lunar Chronicles *My exact reaction /// Also when Winter and Jacin. Probably when Cress and Thorne did. And Scarlet and Wolf


31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re An Introvert: This is your inner monologue during after work drinks.

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15 Life Lessons "Anne Of Green Gables" Has Taught Us

15 Life Lessons "Anne Of Green Gables" Has Taught Us

the only sensible (but fantasy) defense against non-desk-bound coworkers who continue standing at my desk telling me long, irrelevant, non-work-related stories long after i've switched them off and gone back to doing my desk-bound work

Funny pictures about Our favorite cat gifs. Oh, and cool pics about Our favorite cat gifs. Also, Our favorite cat gifs.

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