Majo Puterka

Majo Puterka

Majo Puterka
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Paralax by Majo Puterka

Paralax by Majo Puterka

Bigscoots Website - Redesign by Majo Puterka

Bigscoots offers quality hosting services and the company just launched its new website, which we have designed and developed. Besides hosting services and server management, BigScoots offers excep.

Illustration by Majo Puterka #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

One of the core benefits of using product Elevio is "keeping your users on site". This is a simple illustration we have designed for this rejected project.

Bigscoots Responsive by Majo Puterka

Responsive design is increasingly more important as increased number of users look for information and even do business on their cell phones. Here, we have an example of optimizing our responsive d.

Spiral Preloader by Majo Puterka

We are trying to make the waiting less painful, by visually pleasant animations, which will keep users.

Preloaders by Majo Puterka

but also to make it enjoyable for the user. We are working on a preloaders that will

Smart Home - Night Mode by Majo Puterka #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Bright, blue light produced by your devices is especially disruptive because its short wavelength is what tells your brain to be alert, not at rest. You know how it feels when you look at some brig.

Geometric Animals

Geometric Animals

50 Things You [Probably] Forgot To Design – UX Power Tools – Medium

Or at least more aware. Or maybe you just give it a couple claps because you recognize someone spent time curating…

Moon Exploration page - hero concept by Majo Puterka - Dribbble

Do you want to know what’s on the dark side of the Moon? You can go on an adventure and explore the unknown territory. Since the Moon is our closest neighbour, we thought that it deserves a prope.