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Majuš Kulíšková

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Recept Kapustový šalát - Varí

. . . čo dnes variť (piecť) ?: Kapustový šalát s mrkvou

How anyone can up and leave their child and choose anything/anyone over their own baby (drugs,money,etc) is beyond me. I can't wait to have a baby and devote my whole life to their well-being and happiness. I feel like being a mommy is one of my purposes in life and I can't wait to experience it someday soon.

How to dress baby for a great night sleep

When designing with a monochromatic color scheme use gradations of grey. It is a gender neutral hue and a perfect foundation color for any space.

How to anchor furniture! Life-saving information to keep children safe!

land of nod storage bin

ikea kallax in closet

GREAT nursery dresser organization tips and tricks! *link to buy drawer organizers!

DIY Baby Changing Station