Viac nápadov od Veronika
Vejo que seu sucesso é tão merecido que não dá pra não sentir um orgulho imenso. O talento é evidente!
It's not even the meme that makes me laugh. It's where they printed the text…
❤ EXO ❤ BTS ❤ FASHION ❤ 17 trash ❤
so true
True tho. This always happens to me when I forget to unplug my iPad  #bts #bangtanboys #bangtansonyeondan
hahahahah :D Omg I love how V just popped out of nowhere xD
someone asked me if kpop was "kid's pop" Bish, there is nothing that's kid related with kpop….. especially with the boy groups…..
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This picture applies to a lot more things: "When you meet a Korean boy and he speaks the language" "When you see this picture of Tao"