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a cartoon character with the caption yall be talking about cancel culture? but back in akademiya day i'mfs used to get exiled, they literally told you to just physically
an anime character with long blonde hair and blue eyes
an anime character standing in front of a blue and purple background with the words adis on it
an animated image of a woman holding two knives
an image of two pictures with text that reads, how doctors listen to music?
Fandom, Exist, Birdman, Doctor
a drawing of a woman holding a knife and looking at something in the distance with her hands behind her back
ميرا (@mimi_Xll) / X
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a drawing of a person standing in front of a mirror with one hand on his face
a drawing of a person with blue hair and a blindfold
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an older woman with grey hair and glasses talking on a cell phone while sitting down
creds: cielodabbay