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“Abstinence doesn't even work in fairytales! #SacrilegeSunday @Mizzlizz1020”

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Why are atheists so obsessed with religion ? | Yahoo Answers

like whenever someone comment something like "May God help the guy" immediately an atheist will jump on even if the video has nothing to do with religion or atheism and start saying things like "God des not exist".

25+ Best Vatican Memes | the Memes, Religious Memes, and Memes

Find and save Vatican Memes | A vast, sprawling palace filled with priceless artwork by Michelangelo and huge stores of golden treasures from around the world. It is used mainly as a residence for people who teach the value of living without regard for earthly possessions.

The New Versions are Vatican Corrupted and Controlled Bibles - Todd Tomasella | SafeGuardYourSoul

The Two Paths Of New Testament Manuscripts ARE YOU READING A CATHOLIC BIBLE AND DON’T KNOW IT? CATHOLIC CHURCH = antichrist. The catholic church couldn’t prevent the printing of the Holy Bible so they corrupted it and all the new versions are the result. Kenny Moore writes: “Many have bought into the New Age Bible …

The most disgusting church sign I have ever seen. It's almost like they're trolling their faith

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