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Average annual precipitation in Africa
African Mask Lesson - Pos / Neg Space Great link to other wonderful lesson ideas that incorporate art history.
African Dolls


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a map showing the percentage of people living in africa, by region and type of population
Vivid Maps
Average annual precipitation in Africa
a brown and white paper cutout with two faces in the center, on a tan background
African Mask Design Lesson
African Mask Lesson - Pos / Neg Space Great link to other wonderful lesson ideas that incorporate art history.
three colorfully decorated vases sitting on top of a purple surface
Visual i Plàstica | Cicle Superior
African Dolls
the world map with all countries and their flags
Flags of different countries
Flags of the world including country and state flags. Description from I searched for this on
the map of africa with animals and birds on it's sides, all in different colors
'Animal Africa Map for Kids' Poster by Michael Tompsett | Displate
the africa map is shown on an iphone screen, with other african people in it
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a cake shaped like the map of africa
Africa :: A Homeschool Unit Study
Africa :: A Homeschool Unit Study
the book cover for nelson mandel's long walk to freedom, with an image of
Nelson Mandela for Kids: Autobiography and Lessons
Have kids read bios of famous people from other countries. This is Nelson Mandela's autobiography for kids, plus pre-reading activities and explaining apartheid. Extension activities and additional resources.
the map of africa with numbers and names for each country in black on white paper
Scramble For Africa Map - Layers of Learning
The European colonization of Africa happened late in world history. Read about it and color a map of Colonial Africa.
an art project is displayed on the wall in front of a white brick building with black and yellow geometric designs
the cover of teaching patterns with kente colors, featuring pictures of people in colorful geometric designs
Kente Colors, art and math learning
See how I teach complex patterns with the beautiful book, Kente Colors
two pictures showing the process of making beaded bracelets for children to play with
African Sunset Craft: DIY Upcycle T-Shirt and Maasai-Inspired Bracelet
Africa Activity (Kenya/Tanzania): Maasai Bracelet. . For both Maasai women and men beauty is a very important aspect of Maasai culture and the beads are used as a form of adornment throughout everyday life, ceremonies, and rites of passage and is often given to visitors as a sign of gratitude and respect. The Maasai have always been known for their vibrant dress and colorful beadwork.
an african sunset with two giraffes in the foreground and text that reads shadow tracing art
African Sunset Shadow Tracing Art - Taming Little Monsters
Use those toy figures in the kids toybox to make this beautiful african sunset. A fun and interesting creative kids shadow tracing art activity.