fencepost and wildflowers. what about a different perennial at each fencepost?


My favorite color is blue. Seen here will be art work and photographs containing the color BLUE. Some of the images in this site may images nudity.

#HighHeelers don't be beige, grey & corporate. Stand out from the crowd #Inspiring #quotes

9 Qualities of Remarkable Entrepreneurs What separates the best from everyone else? (Hint: It's not about the money.) Jeff Haden 600 inShare Good entrepreneurs make money.


Aparador con espejo

Imagine how many nights this bike has been discarded. But the roses tell that someone love the memories of fond times riding on it.


It’s easier than ever to find vegan versions of fashion favorites, from Birkenstocks to Louboutins to TOMS. Here are some awesome animal-free products that are cruelty-free, and often less expensive and of even higher quality than the animal versi.