Simba and Nala

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the lion king is sitting down and looking at something with his eyes wide open in front of him
Which Disney Character Said It?
Can you tell who said it?
the lion cub is peeking out from behind a wall with his paw on it's head
All The Things You Love
Simba lockscreens requested by @val2557 Feel free to use or save but please give a like/reblog if you do
an image of two cartoon animals on a pink background
kpig. - Gallery
Simba and nala The lion King Fanart
two lion cubs sitting in the middle of a field under a purple and pink sky
The Lion King background - you can find the rest on my website - - #background #Find #king #Lion #Rest #website
two lions sitting in the middle of a grass field at sunset with pink sky behind them
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Simba and Nala