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a man and woman walking down the sidewalk in front of a building with signs on it
Billie Holiday with Bernie Weissman, owner manager, Sugar Hill
a woman standing at a microphone in front of a piano and flowers on the stage
Dianne Reeves - 2018 Monterey Jazz Festival #jazz500 #diannereeves #montereyjazzfestival #jamesadamsphotography
a man in a suit and tie holding a trumpet
Roy Hargrove, Trumpeter Who Gave Jazz a Jolt of Youth, Dies at 49 | The New York Times -
Roy Hargrove, (passed away at 49 years old) African American Music, Jazz, Original Art Form, KOLUMN Magazine, KOLUMN, KINDR'D Magazine, KINDR'D, Willoughby Avenue, African American News
a man playing a trumpet in front of other people
Roy Hargrove - 2006 Monterey Jazz Festival #jazz500 #royhargrove #montereyjazzfestival #jamesadamsphotography
a woman standing in front of a piano and singing into a microphone with an instrument behind her
Anat Cohen - 2018 Monterey Jazz Festival #jazz500 #anatcohen #montereyjazzfestival #jamesadamsphotography
a black and white photo of a man playing a saxophone
Yusef Lateef
an old photo of three people kissing each other
Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross
a group of people in a room with instruments
Christian Sands - Song Of The Rainbow People (Live)
Christian Sands - Song Of The Rainbow People (Live) - YouTube
Somewhere over the Rainbow (feat. Christian Sands) - YouTube Soul Music, Amazing Grace, Christian, Truth, Grace, The Darkest
Somewhere over the Rainbow (feat. Christian Sands)
Somewhere over the Rainbow (feat. Christian Sands) - YouTube
the poster for an event with two men in black and red on it's side
Image result for st. aretha franklin
the cover art for barbara caroll trio's album
Mid-Century Album Cover - the Barbara Carroll Trio
the new yorker magazine cover with an image of two men playing drums and another man sitting
The New Yorker January 4, 1958 Vol. 33, N° 46 (Whole No. 1,716) Cover Art - Arthur Getz
an old book cover with the words i'm glad there is you on it
Gloria Lynne / What'll I Do
the cover art for frank west's southern comfort, which features an image of a man
Prestige and New Jazz Records - jazz album covers
Frank Wess - Southern Comfort - Prestige 7231
a woman standing next to a microphone and holding a bass in her hand while singing into a microphone
Esperanza Spalding
a black and white photo of a woman sitting in front of a poster
Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer
Sarah Vaughan.
a woman standing in front of a cello
Esperanza Spalding, NYC 2011 by Jimmy Katz. This photo is for sale, size 40x60 cm, signed, edition 1. Only one print made for the North Sea Jazz Festival 2014. Still for sale!!! musicinspiredart@gmail.com
a woman sitting on top of a red double bass
Women's style. Esparanza Spalding
an old concert poster for the jazz festival
an advertisement for the five spot cafe
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an advertisement for a jazz concert with the words count basie and miles davis on it
...have you heard about the lonesome loser
maturestyle: themaninthegreenshirt: Köln Jazz Poster LOOK AT THAT LINEUP!! IT WOULD BE GREAT TO TIME TRAVEL BACK TO THAT CONCERT… MS
an advertisement for the san sebastian jazz festival
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Festival de Jazz - San Sebastian, 1976
an album cover with various shapes and sizes on it's side, including the words take that talk
The Jazz Crusaders - Talk That Talk (1966)
an advertisement for buddy rich attap with colorful lines and circles on the front
Juxtapoz Magazine - A Shrine to Minimal Vintage Album Cover Design
an advertisement for the art of david stone martin, featuring a man standing in front of a chair
Roy Eldridge (USA)-Mercury LP Art: David Stone Martin
an old photo of a woman playing the piano
Hazel Scott slide show and gallery
Hazel Dorothy Scott (June 11, 1920 – October 2, 1981) was an internationally known, American jazz and classical pianist and singer; she also performed as herself in several films. She was prominent as a jazz singer throughout the 1930s and 1940s. In 1950, she became the first woman of color to have her own TV show, The Hazel Scott Show, featuring a variety of entertainment.