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there are some wine corks with letters on them
two wooden pegs with wedding pictures attached to them, one holding a sign and the other holding a pair of scissors
a pair of scissors cutting into a piece of paper with the words love love on it
a card with a red bow on it next to two cards that say, happy valentine's day
Zaproszenia ślubne folkowe / boho - model FB02 - Zaproszenia ślubne - decARTe
someone is making miniature corks with their fingers
These DIY champagne cork bride and groom keepsakes are the BEST thing ever! - Idee
there is a toothbrush in a dish on the bed
wedding cake toppers are arranged on a marble table with markers, pens and crayons
You HAVE To See These DIY, Painted Champagne Cork Bride + Groom!