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Little Teddy Bear. Free pattern !! - Julio Toys | Crochet patterns | Amigurumi

Thanks to this free amigurumi pattern you can create any animal you want by changing muzzle and ears Find instructions for bear, cat and bunny here

Amigurumi Little Cat,Bunny and Bear-Free Pattern (Amigurumi Free Patterns)

Итак, основа: голова-тело-ноги.Начинаем с макушки:1р.6сбн в кольцо амигуруми,2р. 6 пр. (12)3р. *1сбн, пр.* 6 раз (18)4р. *2сбн, пр.* 6 раз (24)5р. *3сбн, пр.* 6 раз (30)6р. *4сбн, пр.* 6 раз (36)7р. *

How To: Jogless Colour Change For The Perfect Crochet Stripe - Tutorial #crochet #amigurumi

Free pattern: Neko Atsume #2

The Mini Bear pattern is ready for all of your loveliest yarn! You can find it in my etsy store here or on ravelry here.

Amigurumi Tutorial: How to Embroider a Nose (teddy bear, bunny and cat nose)

Crochet Bunny Amigurumi

Everyone, this is Layla. Layla, meet everyone. Layla is the newest addition to the B.hooked Crochet family of free patterns and she’s definitely one of the brightest! I had so much fun creating ...

Amigurumi Yellow Pants Bunny-Free Pattern - Amigurumi Free Patterns

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