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black and white photograph of a bedroom with a large blanket on top of the bed
Este artigo não está disponível - Etsy
Chunky knit throw, chunky wool blanket, giant knit blanket This is a luxurious handmade throw, which is hand knitted by me using extremely big needles and unspun merino wool. Due to natural material, traditional hand craft and extreme pattern size the throw makes your room look contemporary and cosy at the same time. It is a natural, antyalergic and enviroment friendly product. Merino wool is the softest and finest kind of wool. The material is extremely breathable and regulates body tempe...
a woman is weaving white yarn on a wooden table
Filart przedstawia- jak wykonać pled z wełny czesankowej
Φτιάξτε εύκολα και γρήγορα μια ζεστή και μαλακή κουβέρτα.. κυριολεκτικά χειροποίητη! - Εναλλακτική Ατζέντα
an orange and white crocheted bag laying on the floor
Little Fox Baby Sleep Sack pattern by Alicia Cromwell
Crochet Pattern - A fast, simple project with stunning results. What little guy won’t look amazing in this baby bag?!
there is a crocheted baby in a basket next to a knitted coat
Baby Cocoon, Snuggly, Sleep Sack, Wrap Knitting Patterns
Free knitting pattern for Baby Sleeping Bag with hood and tassel
a baby wearing a white knitted outfit and hat is posed in front of a sign that says drop's design
B25-11 Bedtime Stories pattern by DROPS design
baby wrap cardigan long sleeve
a knitted hat sitting on top of a table
Berry Baby Hat pattern by Michele Sabatier
Ravelry: Berry Baby Hat pattern by Michele Sabatier -
a baby wrapped up in a blanket on top of a white rug and wearing a hat
Baby snuggle blanket pouch sleeping bag. DIY project maybe for a gift!
a blue knitted hat with a small stuffed animal in the middle and a crochet design on it
Got to figure this out
a green knitted mitt laying on top of a leather couch
knittertracy's Ribbed 2X2 sleep sack
Owlie Ribbed Sleep Sack: free knitting this idea for a newborn arriving during winter!