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Alex Thomson performing the ‘keel walk’, a stunt infamous in sailing thanks to this photograph. ~ his 8-ton carbon fibre yacht, Hugo Boss

Alex Thomson performing the ‘keel walk.’ As his carbon fibre yacht, Hugo Boss, sails on edge, Alex pulls up in a ski jet and leaps onto the keel of the boat. Photo by ALEX THOMSON RACING

He's making me nervous. . .

Transworld Surf decided to create a little throwback gallery to remember the Code Red swell at Tahiti. Julian Wilson, pictured, described it as the best session of his life.

Aaron Checkwood, The Check Republic

waves on waves on waves, these are waves i usually have in my the sea but big waves are scary az, great surfing waves!


Teahupoo Ph: Tim McKenna (Saw this break in the mid-seventies while rowing my dory just outside the takeoff zone. One of the best trills of my life to witness the power of this wave.


Women know how to surf! Go big and go blissful with Surf and Yoga Surf and Yoga Surf and Yoga