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anatomy of hip and buttocks | Muscles of Buttock, Hip and Pelvis Laminated Anatomy Chart

Human Anatomy and Physiology Diagrams: legs muscle diagram

This infographic gives an over view of the most common injuries experienced by runners and how to treat them. Even though running isn’t a “contact” sport, it’s amazing to see how many injuries you can get form it and how stressful it is on the body. Today’s infographic also does the favor of listing ways to avoid injury.

Running Form

30 Day Squat Challenge

The Psoas Muscles, Psoas Stretches, and Abdominal Exercises for Back Pain- Somatic techniques.

Stretch Your Hip Flexor Muscles

For getting loose and preventing injury. | 29 Diagrams To Help You Get In Shape

30-Day #Burpees Challenge | #workout #fitness

Muscles of the hip and their actions. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @so siu ki Storage & Organisation Solutions Storage & Organisation Solutions Inc. Resources.