Mária Ondrušová
Mária Ondrušová
Mária Ondrušová

Mária Ondrušová

"Ja Som". Obraz sveta, ktorý vníma moje Ja, sa jeho pochopením a prijatím stávam "Som"... "Ja" - "Ja Som" - "Som"

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Coyote is a magical trickster that delights Grandmother Spider . She is never fooled for a moment and enjoys watching the funny antics of her lovable friend

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worth 1000 words: stars and sea

Nature Illustrations - Svabhu Kohl - Whales and Constellations Artwork | Small for Big

Illustration from a copy of Al-Sufi's "The Book of Fixed Stars". This copy was made in Prague in the 15th C and is known as "Catalogus Stellarum Fixarum", Codex DA 11.13. Detail of Aries. Country of Origin: Persia Culture: Islamic. Date/Period: 15th C AD. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ Royal Canonry of Premonstratensiens, Strahov, Prague . Location: 23

AstroSpirit / Capricorn ♑ / Earth / Capricorne

Beautiful realistic sun and moon

“In my dreams, I never have an age.” ~ Madeleine L'Engle (painting by Rassouli).

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Blue Heron at Dusk by Lynette Shelley