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Sweet Treats cake

Candy Land Birthday cake in a rainbow of colors. This is way to cool, now I want a Candy Land Birthday party!

Mermaid cake

Mermaid cake

Scrabble, Twister, Monopoly, Taboo, and game of life cake I love It !

board game cake or new year party cake We always stay up playing board games to pass the time by.

I am sure someone loves this.....but I just want to say....oh my....and not in a good way.

Have never seen such a Victorian Wedding Cake! Royal Extravaganza , i feel the size should be more gradual . Anyway, its beautiful.

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Amazing Alice in Wonderland cake by Fiona Black. but that's not the point, it's a cool, Alice falling down the hole cake

A birthday cake idea for in a couple years, so cute. Description from I searched for this on

Mini Easter Egg Cakes How fun are these Mini Easter Egg CakesKadence's bday Sofia the First Birthday cake