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purple and white flowers in a round container
Sayfa Bulunamadı
Mor Beyaz Güller Saksılı Sabun Aranjmanı
a pink frame with white flowers and lace on the edge is sitting in front of a wall
Cornici shabby con angioletti
Cornici shabby con angioletti
two soap bars with flowers on them are hanging from a wooden table next to a candle holder
Trecce di sapone con candele - Piccole
Trecce di sapone
a wall hanging made out of driftwood with pink hearts and pearls on it's side
Zeepketting 'pink butterflies'
two pink heart shaped tassels hanging from strings
Zeephanger, met een hartje van zeep & kwastje. In kleur naar keuze
three pink and white heart shaped soaps in a wicker basket with tags on them
Zeepketting Victorian Heart per 10 stuks