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51 Feng Shui Experts Share Their Bedroom Decorating Secrets
#FengShui experts share their hot tips and ideas for the bedroom. Super excited to share a fantastic article - featuring many of our fantastic members as well as lots of other talented folks. Read more from Karen Rauch Carter, Anjie Cho, Diane Gallin, Catherine Hilker, Frankie Jackson, Lisa Janusz, Shelley L. Nordlund, Marina V. Umali. Enjoy!
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Great feature with our own Marina V. Umali featured on the popular Remya Warrior #koffeebreak talking about #FengShui
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Feng Shui advice from Feng Shui Designer Marina V from Marina V Design Studio #fengshui #FengShuiTips
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What is Feng Shui and Why I Love It
What is Feng Shui? I always find it very difficult to explain it in a quick elevator speech but I feel like even a long blog post is not enough as it is a complicated concept filled with many layers. Feng Shui originated thousands of years ago in China and has since evolved into many different schoo
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Feng Shui Book Recommendations
Feng Shui Book Recommendations