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a bridge over a river in the middle of a forest filled with lush green trees
Are Hookah Pipes Dangerous or Decor Items?
Gorges de l'Areuse, Switzerland
a rock formation with a hole in the middle of it on top of blue water
Heart rock Maui Hawaii
an island with a house built into it
The Architecture Blog
cant get enough of islands and dwellings
a man sitting in a canoe on the edge of a body of water with fog
Photo Caption: "There’s a special time in the middle of dawn when everyone else is asleep in the tent, the birds are saying a sleepy hello, and the sunshine breaks through the fog and kisses the dew. A special time where humanity, if embraced, can connect even further into the circle of nature." |Photo by ~Tom Kaffine~ {Source: Posted by ~Heather Mulholland~ April 30 2010}
a lush green forest filled with lots of trees and plants next to a small bridge
Tree Art for Sale - Fine Art America
Ubud, Bali
a person swimming in a pool surrounded by lush green trees and greenery on the hillside
Hanging Gardens, Ubud - Bali, Indonesia
an aerial view of the water and land in front of some small islands with trees
kylie francis
Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia