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Tattoo uploaded by Lea Cramer • Polka trash inspired viking theme: the sword depicts Gram, which the hero Sigurd Fafnersbane killed the dragon Fafner with 🐉 If you are interested in a unique customdesigned project by me please don’t hesitate to contact me: Leacramertattoo@gmail.com or fb.com/leacramertattoo 😊🙏 . . #tattoo #tattooideas #tattoodesign #design #idea #creative #creation #polkatrash #drawing #sword #raven #nordic #norse #norsemythology #nordicmythology #myth #mythology #viking #vikings #realistic #history
a drawing of a tree with red and black lines
a man's wrist with a tattoo on it that says, i love you
Fuck Yeah, Nerd Tattoos!
a man with a tattoo on his arm that says never let someone hear, never go to your heart
a piece of paper that has some drawings on it
Anchor Zeichnung
a drawing of a tree in a triangle
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
TATTOO – Just another WordPress site
a pen is laying on top of a piece of paper that has been drawn with ink
TATTOO – Just another WordPress site
a person with a tattoo on their arm and another hand holding something in the background
Ted2 4 Elemente Trash-Polka-Tattoo