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Real-life Fast and Furious: Driving Sung Kang's ridiculously sexy Datsun 240Z

2.0L S20 DOHC I6 with titanium individual throttle bodies (ITB). The engine out of the '72 skyline GTR. The car that started it all for Nissan.

Flat black paint. Dark bronze wheels. Gloss black fender flares. Gloss carbon fiber hood. Nice.

Nissan PE6TE Motor Yedek Parçaları Kawasaki 90Z4 Kawasakı Motor Yedek Parçaları

NISMO RB26DETT Fine Spec Engine Final Edition

Datsun 240z RB26 ENGINE. Please excuse me while I scream like a little girl because this Shit is my FUCKING DREAM PROJECT

DATSUN 240Z Modified - ..Skyline GTR Turbocharged Engine, Fender Flares, and Rollcage