Have each child make one of these.  Give each child a sheet with everyone's name on it.  They walk around and ask their peers, "What time is it?".  Without "telling", they simply show their watch.  Times are recorded on the record sheet.  When each child has "asked" everyone, meet back and check.

5 Inexpensive and Cute Crafts for Kids {Guest Post}

Relojes reutilizando cartuchos de papel higiénico Make a game out of this. "Put on the watch that says ___. Wear it for ____. Next put on the watch that says___." Easy Toddler Crafts using Toilet Paper Rolls

Kandinsky trees love to do this with my  students

Manuales: El árbol de Kandinsky - not sure why the moon is there? A great extension to last year's Kandinsky - is it too soon to do again already?

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Collaborative Great for an ongoing early finisher project, im going to do this outside my classroom door. By the end of the year, the tree should be full & beautiful!

New blog post with full details on creating these adorable trees and delightful magical tree mural. Want to be the first to know when new projects are posted? Sign up for the Painted Paper Art Newsletter!  @www.paintedpaperart.com  link in profile.  #artteachers #teachers #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #elementaryart #primaryart #kidscrafts #reggioinspired #kidspainting

Looking to decorate your classroom or home with an adorable winter project? I have 2 projects that are very easy, low cost and make a big impact. Consider creating …… If you h…

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